The perfect CRM for the Finance Sector

CRM, world’s most popular open source CRM, is excellent for the Finance sector. The flexibility of the CRM allows you to create rich customer profiles, improving your personalized outreach. Your employees will be able to identify new opportunities, close more business, and create life-long relationships with customers.

Know your customer

Model your KYC processes into the CRM, and get a clear overview of your customers and their financial dealings. This allows you to make better decisions in a shorter period of time and reduce risk.

Seamless integrations

You can connect CRM to your existing software, using the powerful API, creating an seamless integration that is running on-premise or in a private cloud. With CRM you are in control over your own data, and you decide who can access it.



oProvide your sales agents with a clear overview of their leads, allowing them to detect new opportunities and close deals easier and faster.



Improve marketing, grow the interest in your product or service and provide sales with better leads.



Deliver the best service to your customers with less effort, while gaining new insights with customized reports.



Easy implementation and powerful admin tools will engage the IT department.