Support your customers effortlessly using SuiteCRM to efficiently manage interactions.

Create loyal customers using our Open Source CRM which provides you with all the tools needed to streamline your rich customer data with strategic business processes, to ensure a seamless and personalised customer service experience.

Empower your customer service teams.

Provide your customer service teams with all the right tools to skillfully manage all correspondence with customers, whether that be routine responses or addressing complex issues. Open Source SuiteCRM allows you to put your customers first.

Personalise customer interactions within your very own self-service portal.

Know your customer with our 360 degree view delivering key insights that can be used to build strong relationships and create a truly personalised experience for your customers. Successfully scale SuiteCRM throughout your business, joining all the dots and building loyalty at every touchpoint.

The Accounts module in CRM will store all information specific to a company that your organisation has a relationship with. Single or multiple contacts can be associated to an account and can help to keep track of important company insights.

The Bug module within SuiteCRM can be used to record and track bugs in the products/ services that you offer. Whether the bug was found internally or by a customer, as it is worked on and resolved, its progress will be identified by the Status field.

The Cases module can be used to record and manage interactions with customers who have requested help or advice with the products or service purchased from your company. Every case record may relate to other records such as calls, bugs and also contacts making it easy for users to get the full picture of the customers experience.

Within the SuiteCRM Calls module, users can schedule and log a record of inbound and outbound calls which can be associated with an account.

The Contacts module within SuiteCRM will store details of all people that your business has had communications with. Contacts are usually associated with an Account and Opportunity and some contacts may belong to different departments within a company as well as subsidiaries of parent organisations. SuiteCRM contacts are typically converted from qualified leads or added once a relationship with the contact has been established.

Contracts can be associated with an Account or Case within SuiteCRM as these can include details of any agreed support hours. The Contracts module can also be used to manage contract renewal dates.

The Emails module in SuiteCRM allows users to view, store, compose, send and receive emails from their own email account or shared inbox, for example a Support or Sales inbox. Emails can be imported and associated with a related SuiteCRM record, for example a Contact or an Account.

This allows users to have readily available template responses and processes to be used, for example, with the Cases module.

The Notes module in SuiteCRM can be used to keep a record of any comments, observations or explanations that a user may have relating internally to their organisation or relating to another SuiteCRM record such as an Account, Contact, Lead and many more. Notes are also used to keep record of all the interactions with your Customers.

SuiteCRM’s Reports module allows users to build, generate, and manage reports on modules in the CRM, for example reports on the current opportunities your sales users are working on and where they are in your sales funnel in order to produce sales forecasts. Reporting is a valuable tool as it allows users to gather data from various different modules to generate vital information for their business in real-time.

SuiteCRM can assist Users with productivity, offering a way to record, relate and assign Tasks and to-do items that require action.

The Workflow module in SuiteCRM allows the automation of actions based on certain conditions set within the CRM data. This allows you as a business, to eliminate the need for laborious, manual tasks to be performed by your team, freeing up their time for what matters most.